Ways to know Genuine Leather

Ways to know Genuine Leather

Pore test

Genuine leather is nothing but animal hide. Hence; just like human beings, animals also have skin pores and no matter how hard manufacturers may try to copy the natural pattern, they would never be successful in recreating what is natural and normal. Genuine leather features pores, which can be easily distinguished from the ones which are man-made. While genuine leather will feature pores in a very unorganized manner, faux leather will feature a certain pattern of pores and when viewed very minutely, you may also come across same types of pores being repeated at regular intervals. This is therefore one of the best ways to identify real leather.

Fire test

While pore test can be a very accurate means of identifying genuine leather, it sometimes becomes extremely difficult to apply for suede leather and also for people who are not blessed with extremely good eye sight. The fire test is yet another sure shot way of knowing whether the article you are planning to invest in, is a genuine one. Fire test, if allowed to be done, should be carried out in two manners. First of all, try to hold a lighter flame over the leather article by keeping the flame parallel to the base of the article and sort of try to rub the leather with the flame. Upon being genuine, the leather will never burn or shrink. However; upon bringing naked flame in contact with a faux leather article, the leather will immediately shrinking and will catch fire. The second method to carry out fire test on leather is to hold one corner of leather object perpendicularly to the flame. While even real leather will burn, it will produce a pungent smell rather than a suffocating plastic-like smell that faux leather will give out.

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