The idea of Ortodoux was started on February, 27th 2014. At the beginning our dream was only as modest as making leather bracelet and men’s accessories for Indonesian local market.

We failed, the local market only demands lowest price with so-so quality. In order to survive, we started to make sandals for a local company. A mass big production style. That was cool, but then, as the nature of mass produced goods, the company wants to reduce the production cost by using synthetic leather. It broke our heart. In Ortodoux, we believe that a good product has to come from good material.

Hence, we kept on producing it to survive financially. Months and months we were walking under their shadow and hit by a big disaster. Payment got stuck, troubled financial flow. Sudden death. “we can’t stop here”, lets make something we’ve always passionate to do.

That was the birth of our first leather shoes. Obviously, with a complexity of its technique shoes are much more difficult to make. Love at the first glance, we fell in love with shoe making. At that time, all we got left was the hand-skill of our good and skillful craftsmen.

We started to produce leather shoes at the end of 2014, and hey, so much good responses and compliments come from our costumer. Social media without any doubts has help us to do marketing for our products because it has no boundary and no big cost was needed. Social media makes the worldwide markets seems very approachable, there is no limitation of our idea and we can do what we love.

Before long, we found Carlos Costa, model from United Kingdom who was in Bali at that time for a vacation. We tried to contact and show him our shoes and we are very honored and flattered that he loves them. After he went back to London, he said the shoes brought many attention from his friends and they love them too. From there, several models send us a direct message in instagram and emailing us to be our model. It was overwhelming really, and indeed.. it was awesome!

We’ve tried to walk our dream, from one to another. Not everything went well, but there will always be passion and miracle that’ll bring us forward. We love our works and we will always hope that our product can be the best choice for leather boots enthusiast.